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 01 405nm violet laser pointer of 5mW (405nm)   01 405nm violet laser pointer of 5mW (405nm)   40,00€  Buy Now 
 BL1 1000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer   BL1 1000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer   250,00€  Buy Now 
 BL2 Blue laser pointer 5000mW 450nm   BL2 Blue laser pointer 5000mW 450nm   450,00€  Buy Now 
 BL3 445nm 1W blue laser pointer with adjustable frequency and po   BL3 445nm 1W blue laser pointer with adjustable frequency and po   210,00€  Buy Now 
 CL1 Blue Laser Pointer 75mW 488nm   CL1 Blue Laser Pointer 75mW 488nm   128,00€  Buy Now 
 Goggles for green laser Eagle Pair   Goggles for green laser Eagle Pair   50,00€  Buy Now 
 V00 Violet laser pointer 1000mW 405nm   V00 Violet laser pointer 1000mW 405nm   300,00€  Buy Now 
 V02 Pointer 10mW violet laser (405nm)   V02 Pointer 10mW violet laser (405nm)   44,00€  28,00€  Buy Now 
 V03 Pointer 20mW violet laser (405nm)   V03 Pointer 20mW violet laser (405nm)   63,00€  Buy Now 
 V04 Pointer 50mW violet laser (405nm)   V04 Pointer 50mW violet laser (405nm)   70,00€  Buy Now 
 V05 Pointer 80mW violet laser (405nm)   V05 Pointer 80mW violet laser (405nm)   85,00€  Buy Now 
 V06 Pointer 100mW violet laser (405nm)   V06 Pointer 100mW violet laser (405nm)   100,00€  Buy Now 
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3 x E7 Steel Laser Pointer 50 mW Green (532nm) of CR2
8 x L2300 (2xGreen 50mW)
6 x B4b 1mW (520nm) Green Laser Module 6mm DDL Spot Generator
4 x Dual channel converter 110V-220V, 220V-110V
1 x Ring 6cm blue electroluminescent light
1 x D4 collimator green laser pointer 100mW (532nm) SDLaser 302
4 x L2200 (100mW red, 50mW green)
2 x Electroluminescent light strip 100cm X 2.5 cm green
2 x E4 Green laser pointer Rominsen 30 mW (532nm)
1 x IPL Goggles High speed electronic
1 x MG995 Servo kit mounts 2 units with robot arm
1 x CR123A battery charger
4 x Sensor light color and intensity TAOS TCS 3200
1 x Infrared Spotlight 850nm 5W LED with ambient lighting sensor
3 x L608RGY (green, red and yellow 150mW kaleidoscope)
1 x C02 Cyan Blue Laser Module 30mW Focusable line Generator (488nm)
1 x B4c 50mW (532nm) green laser module spot generator ø = 6.5mm
6 x 40 Dupont Wire Cable 2.54mm 180mm length male male
2 x Charger for lithium bateríasde: 18,650, 10,440, 14,500, 16,340..
3 x Module joystick and five buttons for Arduino
3 x L606G (green 50mW kaleidoscope)
1 x 1x30 Green Red dot holographic red, blue Aimpoint
1 x L105G (green 50mW)
15 x L308RG (100mW red, 40mW green)
2 x UltraFire Flashlight Xenon white light emitting
3 x 1 Rechargeable Battery UltraFire 18650 3000mAh 3.7 V
2 x IR light blue, white strobe miliary type MS-2000 3989.1
9 x ACL4 Power regulator for RGB laser modules (TTL Controller)
6 x 500mW 980nm infrared laser pointer
1 x Button flashlight UltraFire pad
1 x NH3 Air Ammonia Concentration Analyzer
1 x Lente de división y combinación de láser rojo con Verde-Azul-IR
1 x RGB color sensor and light intensity ENV-RGB Scientific Atlas
1 x Special light-Aurora SSC P7 900 lumens
2 x Ultrafire F22 1W White Light Flashlight
1 x Sensor light color and intensity TAOS TCS 230 + LEDs
2 x Module for audio playback and recording, MP3 player with SD
1 x Lente de división y combinación de láser Violeta con Verde, Rojo
1 x Goggles for green laser Eagle Pair
2 x 1 Rechargeable Battery UltraFire 18650 4000mAh 3.7 V PCB system
1 x L2000 (red, green and yellow 260mW)
2 x Microwave radiation meter DT-2G
1 x LD Dazzler 50mW (532nm) "Glare type" green laser pointer
1 x module 150mW violet laser
4 x Relay 2 Channel 5V DC 30V 10A - 250VAC
7 x L388RGB (350mW Multicolor)
2 x L137G (green 300mW)
1 x L2320 (2xGreen 100 mW)
1 x Electroluminescent Light Panel Size A5 Blue
1 x Gafas metálicas opacas de protección láser e IPL para pacientes
1 x 8.4 V rechargeable Ni-MH 1500mAh Firefox
1 x 2 X rechargeable batteries CR2 800mAh TR15270 3V
1 x E1 Green laser adjustable LXGD (532nm)
1 x L328RGY (red, green and yellow 300mW)
6 x matrix keyboard 4 x 4, membrane switch 16
5 x 12V 2A Wireless Electric Transmission Coils
1 x Relay 1 Channel 5V AC250V 10A DC30V
11 x Arduino DUE SAM3X8E 32 bit ARM Cortex M3
4 x Crimpadora for RJ45
5 x Digital power controller for laser (TTL modulator)
7 x matrix keyboard 1 x 4, membrane 4switch
1 x ltrasonic Distance Sensor HC-SR04
1 x Pyroelectric infrared sensor PIR Motion HC-SR501
11 x L368RGY (red, green and yellow 500mW)
1 x Light meter / digital photometer to measure light up 200000lux
3 x doppler radar transmitter / receiver microwave HB100 10.525GHz
1 x Rangefinder compact laser (700m range)
1 x Temperature sensor DS18B20 1-Wire Interface Board
2 x 915MHz Wireless Transceiver for remote control CC1101
10 x Module with Humidity Sensor or Hygrometer for Arduino
1 x 9G Micro Servo 1.98 kg / cm
1 x 5V mini USB connector
3 x 150mg/h 220VAC emission ozone machine
1 x MG995 servo motor torque speed with metal gears
4 x L168B (blue 50mW)
3 x L2600 (2X 100mW red, 2X 30mW green)
1 x AGV 5mW 650nm red laser pointer with a fiber optic coupler
1 x L318RGY (red, green and yellow 150mW)
1 x Red and Infrared laser protection goggles 600 to 1100nm OD 6 +
5 x Flashlight UltraFire WF ultravioleta3W light-502B
1 x Flashlight UltraFire C2 CREE white light emitting 300lumenes
1 x 200mW 980nm infrared laser pointer
1 x ECO5F radioactivity, nitrates and conductivity meter
3 x 40W CO2 laser module Infrared 10600nm
1 x Laser module 0 to 0.5mW with power control driver
1 x Red green and red dot for Walther MP5
1 x 1g / h 220VAC emission ozone machine for water
1 x Diffraction Grating cross for laser beams 5X5mm
1 x D2b Blue laser module 1000mW (450nm) with TTL modulation Submers
1 x B5b 50mW (520nm) Green Laser Module 12mm DDL Spot Generator
2 x A1 Industrial marking equipment 100mW 660nm red laser line
1 x E2 adjustable LXGD green laser pointer (532nm) Compact
1 x B9 1000mW (520nm) green laser module with TTL modulation
1 x E2 Infrared Laser Module Focusable 250mW (808nm)
1 x C1 Module 10mW violet laser (405nm) with TTL modulation
1 x AG3 3000mW RGB laser module with TTL modulation
1 x A9c 0,5mW red laser module 650nm spot generator ø = 4mm
1 x 1.8'' TFT LCD with SD card adapter
1 x Infrared laser protection glasses of 800-1100 nm OD 6+
1 x AG2 1000mW RGB laser module with TTL modulation
1 x ARDUINO NANO REV3 ATmega328P board
1 x picatinny rail mount for bow
1 x D3 Blue laser module 3500mW (450nm) with TTL modulation
1 x E4 infrared laser module 500 mW (980nm)
1 x B1 80mW green laser point generator with fan (532 nm)
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